la vie est belle

life is beautiful

This is a page about who I am and what I do for a living.

“Success Is Going from Failure to Failure
Without Losing Your Enthusiasm”

You know when people says – A picture says more than a thousand words!
This is what quotes means to me, to put your finger on the spot. When you should really need 100 words to describe your feeling some people have the gift and quote a sentence of 10-20 words and that sentence is all that needs.
I believe you can live a happy and good life just by following some well selected quotes.

What I love to work with

Good design doesn’t date.


Do you want professional photos to capture your special moments? Wedding, couples session or maybe a maturity photo session?


I offer several different services such as product photos for your website, advertising photos, interior and exterior photos.


I love to be creative and creating posters is a true passion for me, here you can check out my brand new webshop.

Some of my projects.


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